Hurricane Communications Center

(720) 378-5997

Family and Friends,

As we continue to monitor and prepare for the approaching storm, our focus is on the wellbeing and safety of our residents and staff. Our goal is to remain in communication with you to ensure you’re kept well aware of loved one’s safety. As we continue to prepare for the upcoming storm, we are confident in our current plans to manage any circumstances that could arise.

We have also initiated a Hurricane Communications Center where we will provide timely updates via the community website and through an official call center.  At 12:00 p.m. (EST) on 9/2/19 the Hurricane Communications Center will be open. The designated number to reach the call center is (720) 378-5997 and should a caller have emergency communication that needs to be relayed to a resident or associate, the call center representative will take a message and reach out to one of our community contacts; the contact at the community will then relay the message and return emergency calls as soon as possible.

Again, the care of our residents and staff is our greatest priority and we stand prepared and ready. Communication is key so we will do our very best to make sure we provide consistent and timely updates.

Tammy Cornett          
Executive Director
Woodland Towers

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