Hurricane Communications Center

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In response to covid-19, please visit this page for updates from our community leaders. Check our community Facebook page for regular updates and resident activities. Critical updates to protocol will be posted on this website.

It has been a great day at our community as things are rapidly returning to normal.  We are grateful for our residents and associates and want to thank everyone for their support and patience throughout the hurricane watch.   Thankfully, we were spared what others in the Bahamas were not.  We pray for their healing and recovery.

Effective today, since phone service has been restored, the Hurricane Call Center will cease operations and all communications can be made directly to the community.  We commend our Executive Directors and their associates for their commitment to the well-being and care for residents.  It is truly our privilege to serve and we thank you for the opportunity and trust you provide us every day.

Michael Mays
Greenbrier Senior Living

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