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Meet the staff at Woodland Towers and learn why the residents are raving about the Associates.

Tammy – Executive Director

I grew up in Columbus, Ohio and worked in event sales and planning for fifteen years.
I have a Degree in Nursing with eight years of senior living experience where I find my my most rewarding times.
Upon my move to Florida I started working as Director of Nursing for Woodland Towers and was then promoted to Executive Director.


Karen – Director of Assisted Living – I have a passion for doing medical mission work in other countries. Every Summer for the past 14 years I have gone to Central America and done medical mission. I grew up in a military family and had to change schools every 2 years which has helped me to have to learn to adapt to new situations quickly.

My background was in pharmacy for 13 years before I went into nursing. I went to Seminole State College and became a nurse in 2009.  I have worked at Woodland Towers only about a year and a half but have worked in senior living for 10 years.


 Amanda – Asst. Director of Assisted Living

My passion has always been taking care of those in need and knew early on that I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. It is with that ambition and my love for nursing that led me to find my calling in the geriatric field, where I can positively impact and advocate for the senior community.

I have had an LPN license since 2013 and have worked in Senior Living for four years. I have been with Woodland Towers for a year and a half.



Brandi – Business Office Director

Brandi was born and raised here in DeLand and it is and always will be home sweet home. I love working with our Residents. They have done so many incredible things in their life and have so many incredible stories if you just take the time to listen. I truly feel like the Residents and their family are like our family.





Tamara – Sales Manager

I was born and raised in Madisonville Kentucky. I moved back to Florida in 2010.  I have been employed at Woodland Towers since 2014.

My passion is to help Seniors in any way I can, and to learn and grow from there knowledge and wisdom.  My Grandfather taught me how to fish when I was 14 years old, so in my free time you will find me “feeding the fish”.  I enjoy sharing” Fish Tails” with the Residents.


Joseph – Director of Engineering

I was a maintenance tech with HVAC experience when I started and in October that same I was promoted to the Director of Maintenance.  I have EPA certification for HVAC and CPO for pools.
I have 8 years in senior living trade but many years in apartment complex support.  My passion is family and my lovely  wife and my 2 beautiful daughters and saltwater fishing when I find time.




Mindy – Director of Lifestyles.

I am originally from Tampa, Florida and moved to Volusia County in 1993.   I have been employed at Woodland Towers since October 1996.  This October will be 22 years working at Woodland Towers in the Activity Department.

My passion in life is to make people happy and to share the joy of enjoying life.  I enjoy hearing all the Residents stories about what they did during their life and all about their families.  I have worked with all age groups and in 1996 I found that this age group is the best.  I feel that I am blessed to be able to have so many “grandparents”.  Their love and friendship mean the world to me.

Debra Mobley – Director of Housekeeping

I am originally from upstate New York in a little town called Parish. We moved to Florida in 1980 where I settled and got married. I enjoy fishing, woodwork, and gardening. I came to work for Woodland Towers in Feb 2002 and it has been my home ever since. I enjoy working with the elderly and helping in any way I can. I love listening to their stories and what they have done in their lives, they are amazing! We are like one big family here and go through it all together.



Carolyn Morse- Asst. Director of Housekeeping

I was raised in Michigan until I moved down here in 1991. I worked as a social worker until I came to the Towers. I have been here sixteen years and have loved every minute of it. I started out as a housekeeper and am now the Assistant Director of Housekeeping. I have always felt like this is where I belong. I want to put a smile on my residents’ faces and also let them know I truly do care about them. It has been a blessing to work here and I continue to treasure my job.

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